As every year, the fashion creator Marie-Christine Davidian have deployed all her talent and know-how to offer you an absolutely unique range of colors. This year, three styles appear in the MC Davidian fashion and accessories ranges. Three complementary trendy color palettes, which lack neither punch nor personality. Ready for discovery? Dive into the trendy colors of the summer-spring 2020 season!

Vintage and delicate Style: a timeless charm

The arrival of the beautiful season confirms the decorative color trends and the indisputable return of vintage. A bit bucolic but never out of fashion, the universe of colors of yesteryear remains a staunch fan of feminine beauty. Essentially composed of neutral tones, the trendy colors of the Vintage and delicate Style offer a variation of powdery sliced ​​through delicate taupe, foam and powdery shades, not to mention the indulgence of chocolate.

new Swarovski crystal spring

The classic, delicate Vintage Style look is complemented by the authenticity of colors inspired by nature, starting with deep greens. Thus, the magic of an ocean green, the majesty of an emerald green and the softness of a mauve unfold in the range of Vintage and delicate Style. Evoking the laughter of a lunch on the grass and the authenticity of sepia photos, these spring 2020 color trends take us back in time.

summer 2020 innovations and inspirations by Swarovski®

New Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations & Inspirations by Swarovski®

Freshness Style: a bath of surprise and joy

Bursting with life, the Fresh Style is the essential variation of summer 2020 trend colors. Resolutely summery, the Fresh Style is popular with bright, acidic tones. A radiant sunny yellow is followed by adeep Caribbean turquoise or even a vitamin-packed mandarin orange which enlivens the hair accessories.

new Swarovski crystal spring

Right on trend , these luminous colors find great allies in a selection of very fashionable shades. Among them, a light purple easily matches the other tones of the range. But fashionistas also discover an elegantwarm light gray and a very feminine fuchsia, perfectly aligned with the trendy colors of MC Davidian hair accessories. In line with the looks of the season, the Fresh Style dresses us in cheerful and refreshing colors.

summer 2020 innovations and inspirations by Swarovski®

New Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations & Inspirations by Swarovski®

Peace and love with the cool Baba Style in Saint-Tropez

At the top of the trendy colors of fashion, theStyle Baba cool in Saint-Tropez is the must-have of the season! Finding its foundations in the raw tone of blue jeans, enhanced with a multitude of colored stones, this style gives pride of place to color accents. These latter express their bohemian allure without hesitation with a tangy lime or a bewitching Caribbean turquoise.

inspirations by Swarovski ®

Counterbalanced by assertive marine tones, these bright colors find their balance with more formal colors. Darker shades bring a touch of simplicity and character, through a solid navy blue, a bright ruby ​​red or a beautiful eggplant. Summer cocktail at the beach or a stroll on the harbor? No hesitation! Fans of the Cool Baba Style in Saint-Tropez opt for all the pleasures of summer.

Seductive, timeless or spicy, trendy color shades are available in the MC Davidian fashion and accessory ranges. Alternately classic, fun or even summer bohemian, the MC Davidian woman plays with codes and has fun with trends.

Through three eye-catching color selections, the Vintage and delicate styles, Freshness and Baba cool à Saint Tropez set the tone! And you, what MC Davidian style are you adopting this season?

The images are inspired by Swarovski 2020: New Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations & Inspirations by Swarovski® .


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