Handmade hair combs

The hair comb, an essential accessory for your hairstyles!

A must-have fashion accessory for some or a mysterious object for others, the handmade hair comb is a centerpiece that helps tie hair up quickly and beautifully. Depending on its size, the handmade hair comb makes it possible to achieve very beautiful hairstyles or to easily fix a rebellious strand.

Depending on its dimensions, the hair comb fixes a small or a large amount of hair. MC Davidian handmade hair combs are therefore available in different sizes, ranging from 4 to 16 teeth. Used alone or in combination, MC Davidian hair combs allow endless variations of hairstyles, from the most classic to the most fun!

handmade in France combs

Multiple possibilities of use

To use it, nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is isolate a section of hair, slide the comb against the scalp, grabbing the hair and then turn it over. The handmade hair comb can be worn on the side on short hair, or all over the hair to create a bun. Decorative accessory, it sublimates a daily hairstyle, for a wedding or for an evening.

The MC Davidian Handmade Hair Comb is suitable for both thin and thick hair. To place a wick back and free your face in beauty, a small comb slips easily over your head. For a more sophisticated hairstyle, it can be used as a tie to make a banana bun or a classic bun. To add a touch of romanticism, it is possible to let one or more light strands float in the neck or on one shoulder. The MC Davidian hand-made comb, depending on its shape and patterns, adapts to all styles with elegance.

Unique design and quality

High quality hair combs, MC Davidian combs are entirely handmade and made in France. Made from cotton celluloid, these plastic and petroleum free combs are rust resistant and non-allergenic. Available in many colors, MC Davidian hair combs are available in small, standard and large sizes. Some models of MC Davidian handmade hair combs are also hand set with Swarovski stones. Their traditional and artisanal manufacturing process makes each piece unique and susceptible to variation.

Comb for fine hair as for curly hair, the handmade comb is the ideal hair accessory for going dancing, going out in the city or just staying at home. It allows you to easily create practical and elegant hairstyles according to individual circumstances and mood!

hand made combs

rock ’n’ roll hair combs with metal teeth

An original manufacturing technique

The Rock ’n’ roll Hair Combs with metal teeth are the flagship accessory in the MC Davidian Hair Comb collection. These combs indeed use a manufacturing technique inspired by the famous hairdresser Antonio in the 70s. While traveling in Japan, he had the idea there to use metal piano strings to create hair combs.

Specifically designed to fit all hair types, including the finest, this comb for straight hair won't slip, even on the straightest hair. Combining luxury, reliability and quality, Rock ’n’ roll hair combs with metal teeth ensure perfect hairstyle hold whatever the type of hair. Thanks to the unique composition of this sturdy hair comb, you can dance freely to the most frenzied rhythms without the risk of the accessory slipping out of your hair!

Rock ’n’ roll hair combs with metal tooth are available with your choice of 5 or 10 teeth depending on the thickness of your hair and your styling desires. The metal piano wire teeth are gold-plated or nickel-colored to hold the hair without snagging it. Rock ’n’ roll hair combs thus feature gold teeth for warm colors or nickel color for cool-toned colors.

golden metal combs

A huge choice of patterns and colors

MC Davidian quality is also a whole range of references for Rock ’n’ roll hair combs with metal teeth. The classic Metal Rock ’n’ roll rail model is available in more than 70 colors. Impossible not to find the reference of your dreams, which sublimates your hair and matches your outfit.

Adorned with Swarovski stones and pearls entirely set by hand, the models of MC Davidian combs constitute real luxury jewels for the hair. Displaying superb decorations with marine motifs such as coral or waves, some models blend superbly with the world of the sea. Others are adorned with animal-like motifs displaying a flight of butterflies, a tangle of feathers or even a panther motif, as a tribute to the wild nature.

Finally, the more classic decorations offer a string of golden or silver pearls, hearts and geometrically shaped elements entirely made up of Swarovski stones. Also called "full", these ornaments are the result of several days of work by our setters who place the stones one by one.

The Rock ’n’ roll Hair Comb with Metal Teeth is one of the items from the main MC Davidian hair accessories line. This collection, which stands out as the brand's most complete, is aimed at the majority of women. You will inevitably find what you are looking for and the hair comb that suits you!

handmade gold hair combs

The features of MC Davidian hair combs

There are a total of more than 100 MC Davidian hair comb references, available in around thirty colors, from the brightest to the most neutral. True luxury items, some models of hair combs are adorned with hand-painted decorations or Swarovski stones.

The handmade and Rock ’n’ roll hair combs with metal teeth are all designed by Marie-Christine Davidian and entirely made in France. They are made from cotton acetate or celluloid, which is petroleum and plastic free. Non-allergenic, they all have the handmade label.

These manufacturing characteristics make each MC Davidian hair comb unique. For these same reasons, handmade hair combs and Rock ’n’ roll with MC Davidian metal teeth are subject to variation from piece to piece.

Manufacturer of universal and timeless hair accessories, MC Davidian ensures year-round shipments for its customers around the world.

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