Every year, at the same time, trends unravel and are repeated! Of course, the color palette has even become a must for trending choices. The creative firm Marie-Christine has also referred to this color palette of winter 2021, to develop its range. A touch of elegance, modernity and creativity, which allows four colorful trends to emerge!

Glamorous trend, with chic and romantic colors

The comeback of the refined ruffles highlights the chic and romantic trend. The use of pastel colors such as pale pink or water green reinforces this notion of romanticism. By incorporating more colorful shades like fuchsia pink and flamboyant orange, the look becomes more glamorous. As for the Bordeaux marsala and indigo blue, they play the card of timeless French chic. Satin materials, winter floral prints and cashmere effects are other pieces revealing a glamorous and romantic outfit.

trendy colors winter 2021 with fuchsia pink love hair clip

A neo-bourgeois look, with luxurious hues and crunch

The bourgeoisie is in a state of auction, with a style of the most rock and trend. From voluminous puff sleeves to coarse and evocative plastron, aristocratic refinement takes its place. A color palette characterized by shades of glossy brown, taupe or bright beige, perfectly reflects this trend. Mixing these natural colors, with charismatic tones such as fir green or burgundy, will infuse a true royal look.

The emergence of the corset or the tapestry print further dusts this neo-bourgeois style.

fir green and burgundy camellia hair clip

Between bohemian spirit and color block, with natural and wild colors

The vaporous materials add a distinguished touch to an outfit, while instilling a certain lightness. The season's signature purple is a perfect feature of this trend. Mixed with a luxurious and powerful pink, this combination plays the color block card, and will outperform all outfits. For a more natural look, purple will love a bright and subtle grey. Finally, let's focus on a collaboration with dark brown or black hues, for a stunning and intoxicating wild bohemian look.

bright grey camellia hair clip

An adventurous style with simplicity, with sophisticated and provocative tones

The lingerie trend is still in the spotlight this season. Her undressed and sexy style makes her the fashion piece with the provocative allure, of all dressing rooms. The midnight blue and raw red colors, which are very sophisticated, will tend to counterbalance their overly provocative side. To add a touch of simplicity, simply incorporate notes of deep taupe or mouse grey.

On the other hand, to maximize your adventurous spirit, you can head to more schoolgirl or silver-style models. Two very modern trends that will talk to real fashion addicts!

To accessorize your outfits, you are spoilt for choice at Marie-Christine Davidian. Indeed, all trends are perfectly reflected in their range of hair jewelry. Whether your style is glamorous or romantic, bourgeois or bohemian, natural or wild, sophisticated or provocative... there's something for every look! So make your selection, and tell us which woman sleeps in you?


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