We're back together for a new article that follows up on our previous article:  The perfect colors to beautify blondes.

Are you having trouble choosing hair accessories? Not sure what colors will look best with your dark hair? Fear not, dark sisters! Today, we're going to show you the best hair accessory colors for brunettes.

Whether you're looking for a new headband to wear to work or sparkly hair clips for a night out, read on for our top three picks!

Want to know what colors work best with your brown hair? Here we'll introduce 3 of them. After all, brunettes don't count for anything!

We call this science (because yes, it is a science!) colorimetry. That is to say, the colors that best enhance women and men according to their complexion and hair color.

After reading this article, you will know everything about the best colors to use to accessorize an outfit when you are a brunette. To catch the eye at parties or events important to your heart. At MC Davidian, we specialize in accessories like scrunchies and hair elasticsheadbands or hairbrushes. Everything you need to enhance your ponytails, pigtails or braidsChoose the right color to highlight your beautiful brown tresses!

The Alba pattern

If you're a brunette and want to wear hair accessories with colors that make your brown hair shine, we recommend Alba hair accessories? The Alba pattern is made up of soft tones that work really well with most shades of brown. It has subtle accents that will enhance your brown color and hair style.

Alba scrunchies are the best choice for brunettes! The Alba can be worn with all types of brown hair. It will enhance your dark brown, chestnut or brown hair color. In short, it will suit you perfectly if you have any type of brown hair color.


If you are a brunette and want to highlight your brown hair, we recommend wearing colorful accessories like fuchsia? This color is very bright and it will definitely stand out on any brunette. Fuchsia, another shade of pink, can be worn with many different outfits depending on the accessory used (a fuchsia scrunchie, a fuchsia headband, etc.).

This color is very flattering on all skin tones and it will make your brown hair shine. Fuchsia is the perfect color to wear if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit and show off your brown hair!


If you want to wear a color that will really make your brown hair shine, we recommend orange. ? This bright and fun color is perfect for brunettes who want to add a touch of excitement to their hair. It's perfect for special occasions or just everyday wear.

Orange is a very flattering color on all skin tones and will make your brown hair stand out. If you have dark brown or chestnut hair, orange is a color that will bring out the beauty of your tresses.

Orange is one of the best colors to wear if you want to highlight your brown hair!

What color of hair accessory to choose for a brunette?

Hair jewelry is a great way to spice up your look and show off your personality. You can find jewelry with crystals or pearls in any color you want, but the best colors for brunettes are Fuchsia, Orange, and Alba patterns. This blog post was all about accessories for brown hair. We recommend these three jewelry tones as our top picks for brunettes - and we know you'll love them, too! Tell us which of these colors do you think would be perfect for you? Also discover all our hair accessories made in France!

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