Galet Brush Decorated with Spider TGM

Galet Brush Decorated with Spider TGM

MC Davidian
Brush, handmade in France, length: 23.0cm
  • Gold spider lace on black
  • Green spider lace on black
  • Lace spider peach on grey
  • Marine spider lace on gold
  • Marine spider lace on white
  • Orange spider lace on black
  • Pink spider lace on black
  • Red spider lace on black
  • Spider lace fuchsia on black

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Are you looking for a feminine and trendy hairbrush? You particularly like vintage fashion accessories ?

Marie-Christine Davidian has designed for you the best French brushes,handcrafted brush,the Spider Swarovski Flower Swarovski Galet Brush.

A large brush available in several colors

The Spider Swarovski Flower Galet Brush follows the shape of a rock with softened curves, hence its name: the Galet brush. This large brush is perfect for the bathroom or to be stored in a hairdresser as well as any other furniture where women are getting ready.

A handy handmade brush

handcrafted, hand-crafted detangling hairbrush, Marie-Claire Davidian's Galet brush provides a scalp massage suitable for any hair type. The ball cushion cushions the pegs for comfortable and pleasant use. This brush is used on dry but also wet hair and is ideal for the application of aftershampoos and repair masks.

Swarovski rhinestones for floral decoration

Although at the base a French brush with a floral design already attracts attention, our brand adds in addition to beautiful Swarovski rhinestones in the center of the Flowers. These stones are 100% hand-set and once again accentuate the highly stylized design of our handmade brush. Women especially love flowers for their sweetness, their intoxicating scent and the pleasant sensations you feel when admiring them. Marie-Christine Davidian had the brilliant idea to capture the image of several flowers that she adds to the adornment of a round brush named: Brush Galet Flower Spider Swarovski.

Brush Galet Crystal Spider Flower Rail
Design: feminine with luxury rhinestones
Dimension (cm)
Dimensions (cm): 23cm
Very large-sized
Manufacturing: in France
Material: cotton acetate or celluloid
Weight: 100g
18 choice of colours (lace decoration)
Stone type
Stone Type: rhinestones luxury PP18 / 66 and rhinestone luxury PP24 / 173
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