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Hairbrushes are considered to be valued embellishments. It is a wonderful item for any woman. All you need to do is to take a strand of hair of an appropriate size, roll it up and add the brush into the strand. The brushes give a touch of exotic excellence, extravagance and vintage at the same time.

The handcrafted perforated hairbrush with 16 single teeth is a fundamental thing in our assortment.

MC Davidian wide tooth hair brushes are for wavy hair, the best hair searches for thick hair and hair brushes for fine hair too!

No matter what your hair type, we have a look over for you.


Keep your hair happy with quality French Hair Comb

Exquisite, shiny hair is one of the hallmarks of excellence. In addition to making your face dazzle, your hair reveals your character. There are many ways to ensure the health of your hair and scalp, and one of the most basic is to brush it regularly.

Hairbrushes are extremely ancient and were first used by the Egyptians in 5500 BC to detangle hair and as a supplement. Today, hairbrushes are used to keep your hair healthy and tangle-free.

The ordinary use of a hairbrush has many benefits: it promotes hair growth, develops blood flow in the scalp and keeps your hair saturated.


Keep a vintage look with this renaissance brillant comb

Types of Hair Comb

Whether it's styling, removing tangles or increasing blood flow, there are many types of hairbrushes that offer new capabilities.

UNTANGLING: This is an exemplary hairbrush that helps to eliminate tangles. It is made of plastic or wood and has thick fibers.

CURLS: Curls are normally hard to keep track of because they are usually wavy and loaded with bindings. So choose a wavy hairbrush that has a mix of small and large plastic fibers and a molded paddle-shaped handle. They help remove knots without breaking the hair.

STRAIGHT HAIR: For fine hair, you can choose setting hair brushes that have fine bristles close together and are made of plastic.

STYLING: These are twisting or setting brushes that have a hot coating on the base that reacts to heat and helps you style your hair faster.

BRUSHING: Improve your flow with these thick, round-bristled wooden brushes.

Baby Comb : For kids with fine hair, a kid's brush with delicate fibers that tenderly insulate their hair is an ideal decision.


Step-by-step instructions for buying a Hair Comb

Choosing the right hairbrush can be difficult given the wide range of choices available on MC Davidian. Here are the instructions on how to buy brushes that will keep your hair detangled and looking great.

FOR THICK HAIR: If you have long, thick hair, choose a detangling brush and a wide-tooth Comb. They work great when you wash and condition your hair or apply a hair oil.

FOR FINE HAIR: Choose a good paddle Comb for regular use and a fine-toothed carbon fiber brush when evaluating a style.

FOR SHAPING: when using heat and gel to style your hair, choose heat-resistant, heat-coated brushes and fine-tooth Comb.
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