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Over the past year, barrettes and other once reviled hair accessories have become stars of street style and fashion shows.

And thanks to MC Davidian, the barrette's cousin, the claw clip, is making a comeback. It's an easy way to get your hair out of your face while making a fashion statement.

These hair clips are made with hand-gilded metal with fine gold inside. These are the hair clips with gold metal. This is a traditional technique invented in France, the teeth of the clamp are made of metal and non acetate.

For example Clip Hair made- Little hand metal Jaw Single is ideal for those who have a lot of hair or those who prefer the golden metal to maintain the hair. They are also perfect for wedding accessory or for a retro evening because they are very bright.

We have single models and sober (a classic in Denmark) but also much more sophisticated accessories. With lots of rhinestones and adornment as the collection panther motif or rock.

Do you love your hair clips but hate how they break?

We’ve got the solution for you. Our metal hair clips are made from a high-quality, durable material that won’t snap or bend like plastic ones do. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to match any outfit!

These metal hair clips will stay put all day long so you don’t have to worry about them falling out when you least expect it.

Hairclips are commonly used hair embellishments available in different kinds, shapes, sizes and shades. You can use them to hold your hair away from your face, to style your mane in a specific way or as a hair embellishment.

Hairpins for young women have many variations, such as jawline cuts, ideal for long and medium-length hair, and are basically used to replace pins.

Advantageous to use, you can achieve simple takeaway hairstyles within seconds with these clips, considering their ability to hold a thick mane.

Their teeth allow you to secure your hair in one place without having to pull or yank it.


How to clean metal hair clips ?

Here are a few tips on how to care for your French metal hair clips

- Make sure to remove your hair clips before washing your hair. Hair clips can get caught in your hair and cause damage.

- If your hair clip gets wet, make sure to dry it off completely before putting it back in your hair. Wet hair clips can rust and corrode.

- If you're not going to use your French metal clip for a while, store it in a dry place where it won't get scratched or bent.


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