Regardless of whether you're a canine proprietor, feline proprietor or bug fan, show the world you're a pleased creature lover with our assortment of fun barrettes.

Our glittery creepy crawly clasps will glance incredible in your hair or a vintage style coat choker - browse various creatures, warm blooded animals or bugs embellished with rhinestones.

Start your own assortment or watch out for your top choices in the store. With our impressive assortment of creature hair embellishments, you'll be ruined for decision.


Cat Hair Clips


These hair clips are the perfect accessory for the cat lover. Cat design Hair Clips will help you achieve that cute look, whether it be to match your favorite pair of shoes or your outfit. You should never let another occasion pass without adding this nifty clip to your ensemble!

Roam the city feeling as regal as a wildcat with these hair clips. Made with rhinestones, they're expertly designed to tie securely so you can channel your inner calico at all times.

With our adorable little kittens attached to their hair, girls no longer have an excuse not to get dressed up or go somewhere without being able to express themselves convincingly. After all, hair is one of the most expressive body parts!


Dog Hair Clips


This canine design hair clip is for you if you are a dog lover and care about the look of your hair.

The novelty of wearing a dog fascinator hair clip is sure to appeal to consumers who love novelty - whether they own pets or not!

This hair clip takes one’s love for dogs to the next level. This vibrant and colourful hair clip is perfect for any do-gooder who spares no expense when it comes to their pets!


Frog Hair Clip


Want to look stylish and stand out in a crowd?

The frog design hair clip is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stand out. It's made of high quality material that will last for years, so you can wear it with any outfit without worrying about it breaking or falling apart.

You won't find another hair clip like this on the market today! With its unique design, this hair clip makes a great gift for your friends and family members.

They will love using it to add personality to their outfits without having to spend hours getting ready in front of the mirror every morning. It's an accessory that everyone needs in their life!

The frog hair clips were designed with fun and happiness in mind. This idea is reflected in the frog, which has a wacky tongue.

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