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The hair clip is the most useful and practical accessory to keep your hair in place: from the original large clip for a ponytail to the kirbi or click-clack hair clips, the choice is vast.

An accessory that matches your hairstyle and your outfit that accompanies you on a daily basis or for a special occasion

For everyday use or a special occasion, in classic or trendy style, in different materials such as rhinestones or resin, we offer a wide range of hair accessories to assert your style. We offer a wide range of hair clips that will guarantee an optimum hold of your hairstyle in all circumstances. We have selected for you hair clips that will enhance your hair on a daily basis or for a special occasion.


Ponytail or rebellious strand, nothing can resist it


Discover the small curved barrettes with a retro style called "kirby" or flat clip. They have a simple and refined shape but are very effective to position a rebellious lock that would fall on your eyes for example. It is preferable to slip them and hide them discreetly in your hair to preserve the natural look of your hairstyle. These small accessories can also be set with rhinestones or pearls.

Discover our banana clip, love clip or hair claps !


What is a French Hair Clip ?


Our authentic French barrettes are made in France. Most components are strong, secure, smooth and have a tension bar to hold your hair in place. The barrette consists of two branches that lock onto the arm, holding your hair between the tension bar and the arm.

MCDavidian has hands-on experience in handcrafting high quality cellulose acetic acid derivatives, with which we embellish a significant number of barrettes.

These extravagant French barrettes come in many sizes, shapes and styles! These are perhaps the most famous types of pins and will stay in place for a long time.


A wide selection of original hair clips to complete your hairstyle


You'll find a wide range of clip-on barrettes with notched clasps, often used to make ponytails. They can also be slipped into a chic bun. They are classic or trendy, handmade or mechanical, in France or abroad.

The designers do not lack imagination and the range of materials at their disposal is great for the greatest happiness of beauty and hairstyle enthusiasts of all kinds: cellulose acetate or felt, embellished with rhinestones or colored pencils, pearls or flowers.

The barrettes come in several sizes, long (like the Long Jaw Hair Clip), small (like the Ventrue Brillant Hair Clip) or medium, very wide or very thin ...

You will undoubtedly find on our store the one or those which will come to slip in your hair! Visit, dream, explore, look for the favorite, the barrette that will suit your hairstyle and the outfit, the style you want to highlight.

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