Do you have a little girl who loves to do her hair?


MC Davidian the perfect place for your daughter to find all her favorite hair accessories. From headbands and bows to clips and ponytail holders, we have it all!

Our products are made from 100% high quality materials, so they feel soft against your child's head. They also come in a wide range of colors so he can choose his favorites.


Children’s Hair Clips


We all remember the days of breaking plastic hair clips, sometimes having to share not so pinky-purple ones. Well, our kids have it bad too!

So go ahead and enjoy these awesomely fun colorful earrings with a collection of animals (dog, cat or frog) for your little princess and prince!

You can change them any day that you want, and we promise they'll love heading out on their adventures in style -your both hard working people deserve it. Their clippies will stay snug all day long while looking amazing.


Children’s Ponytail Holders


At MC Davidian, we're constantly looking for new ways to keep little girls on top of fashion.

Like their mothers, our kids deserve the best of everything! We once had a problem getting ponytails to stay in place, as it's difficult when their hair is super fine and too short for elastic.

The kids' ponytail holder is the perfect accessory to add a feminine touch to your errands. Simple and stylish, these hair holders will give you peace of mind while maintaining modest hairstyles. These hair ties are not only practical but also durable: they are made from PREMIUM materials and decorated with rhinestones.


Children’s Hair Elastic


Even kids need hair elastics! Our hair accessories are safe, with no metal parts to attack delicate skin. Perfect for combing, tying off the loose ends of your locks in that funky braid you were trying out last night or just perching on top of that mohawk in waiting.

Keep your child's hair in place with the bright colors of this great collection of kids' elastic. We designed our elastics to fit little heads, which means it's never been easier to keep that messy, flyaway hair tidy.


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