Rock 'n' Roll Combs (Metal Teeth)

Do you want to look your best? French metal hair combs are the perfect accessory for any occasion. They are made from high quality materials and designed with a classic style that will never go out of style.

You can use them alone or pair them with other accessories like scarves, hats or even other hair jewelry. With so many different styles, there's something for everyone!

These combs are great for all hair types - thick, thin, curly or straight - because they won't snag or pull on your hair when you style it.

They also come in a variety of colors so you can find one that matches your outfit perfectly! Whether you need a comb for everyday or for special occasions like weddings and parties, we've got you covered here at MC Davidian!

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What's so special about our Metal Comb

Our golden combs Rock 'n' Roll are the result of a unique design using real strings piano. This ensures robustness. The combs can be used on the most silky hair and smoother. Very light but it will not slip. To avoid pinching the hair, the teeth are made of real rope and are gilded with gold to nickel or end color not hanging hair. The classic of our collection is the Comb Metal Rock 'n' roll Classic Single that can adapt to all types of hair!

We call it a rock and roll comb (because you can dance the rock so well)


Advantages of a metal comb

The amazing toughness of metal brushes makes them a generally excellent worth. You can purchase a very much made treated steel or titanium brush and in a real sense use it consistently for the remainder of your life. (And afterward give it to your daughter) Metal brushes cost more than plastic front and center, however assuming you consider how frequently - and how long - you'll utilize it, the expense is minuscule. Over the long haul, a decent metal brush costs not exactly any practically other item you'll at any point claim.

Assuming you put resources into an incredible metal comb, north of one year it costs you under ten pennies per day, and north of 10 years it's under a penny daily. It's likewise better for the climate to utilize a metal brush, rather than purchasing and supplanting plastic brushes as they break.

A decent quality tempered steel or titanium brush is additionally normally against static, and opposes hotness and synthetic substances much better than any plastic brush. It additionally looks and feels astonishing. However, not all metal brushes are something similar!

The totally basic thing is to observe a brush which is made of excellent metal and has been appropriately cleaned and wrapped up. You really want to ensure every one of the brush's surfaces are appropriately cleaned, and every one of the edges are adjusted, so there are no sharp burrs or right points that can tangle or harm the hair. Lucky for you, this is the case with this collection of metal combs made in France.

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