girl with wavy headband on the sea
woman doing her hair with MC Davidian brush
model with valentine heart ponytail

A scrunchie Scrunchie offered with each order

model wearing original camellia hair ponytail

The classical Camellia revisited each year by Marie-Christine Davidian. Discover our collection of the iconiest flower of fashion.

girl with brillant feather tige boule


Tiny accessories that suits you for everyday. Tigeboule are suitable for fine hair and especially for children.

blonde girl with sparkling feather accessory and nana brush


Glamorous brushes, simple or decorated with real crystals, they are available in a wide range of colors. An essential asset for your handbag.

love clip from the block


Find one of our best-seller: LOVE hairclips. The must-have of our collection. An elegant accessory for a word that is always in fashion! Very easy to use for your hairstyle.

"My name is Jessica, and I am a content creator based in a small town in California called Inverness. I first discovered MC Davidian hair accessories a few years ago on my first trip to Copenhagen. While strolling around in the city, I would come across stylish women of all ages wearing whimsical and sparkly hair clips every so often. It was only when I recognized them on display in the window of a high-end boutique called Lot #29 that I learned about Marie-Christine and her incredible craftsmanship and unique designs. I slowly collected a hair clip on every trip and now have a small and beloved collection to call my own.

Last year, I created a niche internet show called SINGLE GIRL DINNER and created a signature look for my online character by wearing a fluffy chenille bathrobe and a hair clip. It really resonated with my audience. My three favorite are of a giant tortoise, two teddy bears and her iconic "Love" clip. There is something so special about Marie-Christine's designs that remind us to embrace tiny touches of glamour and humor in our lives!"

My Instagram: @singlegirldinner

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