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The renaissance headband show the classic style of this European artistic movement from the 14th century which marks the beginning of modern times. The Renaissance style emphasizes the notions of symmetry, proportion, regularity and balance of motifs.


Discover the banana hair clip, the hair star of the 80s. Almost popular than the scrunchie. The new banana clip is widely used for a big ponytail or a flipped bun. It is easy-to-use and graceful for medium and long hair!


Glamorous brushes, simple or decorated with real crystals, they are available in a wide range of colors. An essential asset for your handbag.


A camellia flower embellishes your hairstyle. Be the new fashionista, empowering the classic camellia, the emblem of the trendy parisian style.


A great selection of headbands for ceremony, wedding or dinner. Thanks to the elasticity of our materials, our headbands adapt very quickly to all heads and are very comfortable.


The strongest hair clip style that can be made. These are true luxury pieces for the fashion jewelry lover. These accessories are easy to wear and suitable for all occasions.

girl with brillant feather tige boule


Tiny accessories that suits you for everyday. Tigeboule are suitable for fine hair and especially for children.

girl with brillant feather tige boule


Daisy hair clips are designed for curly hair, long hair, straightening, round brushing, detangling

love clip from the block


Find one of our best-seller: LOVE hairclips. The must-have of our collection. An elegant accessory for a word that is always in fashion! Very easy to use for your hairstyle.

Are you ready to embrace French style in your hair?

MC Davidian is the spot to go in case you're looking for the best quality, French-made hair accessories. We have everything from headbands and hairclips to bows and pins that will make your outfit stick out!

Our items are made with ethical and luxury materials, similar to rhinestones, so they keep going as far as might be feasible.

A tremendous choice of colors!

You can discover something ideal for any event or style whatsoever, internet-based store.

Regardless of whether it's a unique occasion like prom or a straightforward day at work, we have the right item for you. Visit our whole assortment !


Must have metal hair comb, this is a huge favorite for the finest and longest hair, available in many trendy colors! Hair clips made from piano wire.


The classical Camellia revisited each year by Marie-Christine Davidian. Discover our collection of the iconiest flower of fashion.


Take a glimpse at the amazing sea collection, most creative and original accessories you can hunt. The bestseller of this set is the barrette Starfishes Brillant Ponytail.


Accessory for the fashion aesthetes, take care to contemplate the details of manufacture of our feathers which are perfect and completely unique

MC Davidian, 100% French made jewelry and hair accessories

MC Davidian is the main maison on the that makes interesting and sophiscated adornments for your hair.

The various styles are first envisioned by Marie-Christine, the French founder of MC Davidian (discover her story), then, at that point, put into creation in French studios with more than 150 years of expertise.

The biggest choice of hair ornament in the world!

We have around thirty distinct assortments (The Classic, Animals, Flowers, Sea, Wedding ...) to offer a decision of in excess of 2000 accessories without considering the selection of shadings.

We take care to follow fashion trends while always remaining true to our values: "Creativity, Quality and Originality."



This handmade hair clip is very comfortable to use: its spring is flexible for an easy opening, resistant for a perfect hold and completely invisible. It is available in three sizes. It is particularly suitable for medium to thick hair.


Perfect for kids and little girls, these little hair candies are very sturdy, colorful and can be used for all hair styles.

What makes this French hair jewelry so special?

What makes MC Davidian so uncommon is the fastidious consideration paid to each carefully assembled piece. The creation cycle is established in the more than 100-year-old practice of hair ornament making.

We contribute a lot of time and assets in the cleaning system, and this additional time is fundamental to accomplish the greatest and sparkle accessible in French hair decorations.

"We only use bioethics, non-allergenic material, based on cotton"

Our hair adornments utilize an extravagance material produced using cellulose acetic acid derivation sheets combined with included rhinestones on some models.

We are exceptionally pleased with our wide scope of French hair jewelry. Regardless of whether your hair is thick, dainty or uncontrollable, we are certain we have something for you!


October 12, 2021

Single Girl Dinner

A short presentation of one of our fan which is also a talented content creator!

July 05, 2021

The Perfect Colors for Pretty Blondes

Three trendy shades for blonde hairstyle by MC Davidian. Get a gorgeous style if you're blonde.

October 19, 2020

The french comb: the hair accessory for successful hairstyles

MC Davidian combs: Handmade and Rock 'n' roll collections with metal teeth to tie up hair and achieve beautiful hairstyles.

French hair accessories for all of you

We are changing the manner in which individuals ponder purchasing architect hair wear. Our main goal is to give ladies lovely hair, in vogue gems and jewels made in France that they can be pleased to wear.

We need you to look great while doing great (to your body and environment). We accept that making is an extraordinary way of showing your inventiveness, unwind and quiet your nerves, and eventually add to your solace.

Looking for an accessory or an ornament for your wedding?

We commend your internal and external magnificence. By mixing old-world craftsmanship with current style, we bring you immortal and rich styling arrangements. The quality and uprightness of the gems is 100% ensured.

We guarantee to deal with you like a companion, consistently with an inviting and good nature. Any place your fantasies take you, carry on with a stylish and firm way of life with MC Davidian.

MC Davidian is a French hair clip brand combining luxury, hand made in France, simplicity and fantasy

Marie-Christine Davidian develops each model with the help of skilled workers who perform with the utmost care items to give the best quality and that for the delight of our customers. Our creations are sold in the most prestigious locations in Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Saint-Moritz, Moscou, Megève, Juan-les-Pins, Tokyo, Séoul, Miami, Rome, Mauritius.

With an exclusive collection of innovative and high-quality models are also unique, because of the variety of styles and for all hand made with premium materials such as rhinestones from the best company.

MC DAVIDIAN company is a family in which we work traditionally. We design, manufacture, imagine new styles and trends and sell our products ourselves since 1980.

Our products are exclusive and stamped with our brand name in golden letter at the back of each accessories.

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