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If you're looking for a calm update, start by reviving your hair ornaments. Add a little something extra with MC Davidian's made-in-France headbands.

Headbands top the list of polarizing hair ornaments. They can either make you feel like you're getting a complete makeover, or they can bring back memories of grade school that you'd rather neglect.

Either way, the headband rebound is booming, thanks to superstars and almost every style week show. We've rounded up a few French headbands that you can wear everywhere like this Sewed Sparkling Headband

People who said headbands should stay in the 90s were unfortunately confused. The 90's are back, headbands are back, and we couldn't be happier!

Perfume your outfit with a trace of sparkle, cover your hair with a thick headband, put on a flower crown, or simply make your way into the 90s. Whatever style you're going for, our assortment of headbands has you covered!  


Rhinestone Hair Ornaments


Rhinestones, glitter, sparkles and more make up this perfect determination of stylish hair accessories. Whether it's for a wedding, a gathering or for everyday life, rhinestone hair ornaments and gems are not just for weddings, receptions or women.

With this wide range of French hair jewelry, you wear adornments without complex and for pleasing hairstyles. Rhinestone wedding hair jewelry is gorgeous for all hair shades and surfaces, whether short, medium or long.

Discover our Wavy Headband Brillant or our Renaissance Brillant Headband

Rhinestone wedding hair fringe


With rhinestones and sequins, you add a hint of gentility to your hair that will adorn it with style and class. Choose the model that best suits your character and remember that the rhinestone headband is always an incredible consolation.

Rhinestone hair trims are in vogue for one reason only, to show off your character and enthusiasm.


Rhinestone Headband


If you wear rhinestone hair accessories or head jewelry, whether gold or silver, always make sure to arrange your other exemplary jewelry, such as your watch band if it is metal.

The rhinestones in this assortment finely accentuate your hair, so choose an outfit that is exemplary enough to show them off. Choose for example a small dark dress or a pencil skirt of plain tone.

Choose exemplary, calm and ageless shades like bronze, cream, dark, dark or silver and avoid examples or fluorescent tones that will not suit your rhinestone ruffle. With a wedding or evening dress, you will be the most wonderful to go out. They are a tempting two by two resource, don't forget that.

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