96148_1 MC Davidian Nana Brush MM
    96148_1 MC Davidian Nana Brush MM
    96148_1 MC Davidian Nana Brush MM
    96148_1 MC Davidian Nana Brush MM

    Nana Brush MM

    MC Davidian
    Brush, handmade in France, length: 13.5cm
    • Black
    • Bronze lace
    • Camouflage
    • Clear light pink
    • Emerald green
    • Fuchsia
    • Gold
    • Green apple
    • Green flower g lace on purple
    • Grey
    • Ivory
    • Lace g black flower on pink
    • Lace g black flower on purple
    • Lace g flower peach on black
    • Lace g green flower on black
    • Lace g green flower on purple
    • Lace g orange flower on black
    • Lace g orange flower on grey
    • Lace spider peach on black
    • Lace spider peach on grey
    • Lace spider powder on grey
    • Light pink clear mother-of-pearl
    • Marine spider lace on gold
    • Marine spider lace on white
    • Mauve
    • Money
    • Mother of pearl fuchsia
    • Mother-of-pearl
    • Navy blue
    • Orange
    • Orange spider lace on black
    • Panthere gold
    • Pink lace
    • Pink spider lace on black
    • Purple mother of pearl
    • Red
    • Sky blue
    • Tortoiseshell
    • Turquoise
    • Violet flower g lace on white
    • White
    • White spider lace on black
    • Yellow

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    At some point in the day, do you often need a comb to make your hair look good? Still, you're having trouble putting your classic hairbrush in your bags?

    Choose the best travel brush,a miniature mini hairbrush that any bag can hold: the Nana Simple handbag brush.

    A minimalist travel brush

    It's not always easy to find the right handmade bag brush model when faced with two types of brushes: a very trendy,but bulky brush and a miniature brush, but lacking in style. Marie-Christine Davidian has taken on the challenge of combining design and practicality in a single mini hairbrush and offers her Nana Simple brush.

    A feminine-looking handbag brush

    To create the Nana Simplebrush, Marie-Christine Davidian was mainly inspired by the physical shape of a beautiful and ravishing woman. That's why this handmade bag brush looks great with perfect curves. Very feminine,it is a model inspired by a woman made for a woman.

    A miniature handbag brush for all tastes

    Although the Nana Simple brush does not contain Swarovski rhinestones,its slightly shimmering solid colour is appreciated. Moreover, the brand offers more than thirty different colors.

    Brush Nana Simple
    Design: minimalist without luxury rhinestones
    Dimension (cm)
    Dimensions (cm): 13.5cm x 6.5cm x 4.5cm
    Manufacturing: in France
    Material: cotton acetate or celluloid
    Weight: 30.5g
    43 choice of colours (classic, lace decoration)

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