Hair accessories, such as headbands, combs, and elastics, play an essential role for some women by adding a special touch to their look.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, these accessories attach to curly hair in different ways and can be adapted to various lengths and hair textures. They offer many options to express personal style, whether for casual or more formal occasions. We invite you to discover our selection of hair accessories for all styles.

Handmade Metal Combs to Enhance Your Curls

Our handmade combs, meticulously crafted in France, serve as real jewels to take care of your curls. Each piece is the result of artisanal craftsmanship, giving these creations exceptional quality and a touch of exclusivity. These combs, available in a limited edition, incorporate strong piano wire teeth, ensuring delicate and elegant fixation of curly hair.

Adapted to medium and long hair, these combs offer remarkable versatility for various hairstyles, ranging from distinguished updos to mastering the growing fringe, not to mention the realization of French twists. These accessories prove particularly appropriate for formal occasions where the elegance of a ponytail is required.

Handling these combs is easy by inserting them upside down into the hair and then turning them over, they firmly fix in place. For a soft and flowing look, a slight push forward is enough to frame the face with exquisite grace.

Whether for special moments or to enhance your daily life, our metal combs guarantee perfect hairstyles and unrivaled style.

Preserve Your Frizz: Discover Our Luxury Elastics for Curly Hair

Elastics for frizzy hair have become a must for curly hair. They represent the best option to preserve the health of the hair fibers and avoid any breakage of the curls when tying up the hair. Their spring effect and non-absorbent material help limit pressure and keep all the hydration in the hair. Whether you prefer heart or butterfly elastics, choose the shape that suits you among our luxury elastics! You will find them in all colors, allowing for variety.

Bobbles Elastics revolutionize the world of men's hair accessories. By providing practical and comfortable hold without exerting pressure or leaving marks, these elastics are perfectly suited to all types of men's hair, allowing for aesthetic and functional hairstyles on a daily basis. Each of our accessories is made with high-quality elastic, guaranteeing great resistance and durability. Thus, you can make 2 to 3 turns without pulling or damaging your scalp, offering a most pleasant hairstyling experience and preserving the health of your hair.

Exceptional Headbands for Kinky Hair: French Craftsmanship Honored

The headband has now become the hair accessory of choice for fashionistas. The new models stand out for their finesse, adorned with sparkling metal or sumptuous rhinestones to shine at worldly parties. While wider versions find their place in everyday life. Its role is no longer just to push back the strands, but it rises as a true fashion object, capable of transcending hairstyles. It can be proudly displayed near the forehead, enhancing loose hair in a preppy style of collegiate elegance.

Alternatively, it can be deployed at the back of the head, delicately pinned, to inject a chic bohemian allure, particularly appropriate for long, curly hair. Other generous models for curly hair are perfectly suited, both to gracefully retain the hair or to drape like a diadem of rare distinction. The headband thus presents a myriad of possibilities, easily bending to all stylistic whims, whether they are sophisticated or casual.

Also popular among men, headbands are the prerogative of men on the lookout for the most exquisite trends. They harmonize particularly with curly, frizzy, afro, or wavy hair, enhancing volume and curls while delicately framing the face.

Our French handmade headbands, designed with passion, constitute an exceptional creation, wonderfully combining comfort and elegance. These unique pieces are specially crafted to delicately match the shape of the skull, thus preserving unparalleled comfort without any discomfort.

In a harmonious balance, Marie Christine Davidian's accessories are adorned with the artisanal touch characteristic of French tradition, giving each piece an additional dimension of authenticity and refinement.


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