How to make an impact with your hair? We regularly use a range of accessories such as barrettes or combs. Just like headbands or other hair ornaments. These also are part of the essential accessories to create beautiful hairstyles on a daily basis. Their main mission is to detangle your hair and make it more structured.

It could also be about the small barrettes that we call Kirby or ball rod that are used to hold one or two strands. Handy for children and very stylish for adults when used in multiples! It's pretty, but many people sometimes struggle to keep them on their head. Discover in this article how to use one of our hair combs.

What is the purpose of a hair comb?

Being one of the most common and famous accessories, a comb is an accessory adorned with teeth, the size, shape, and length of which vary depending on the model. Among other things, a model with very wide teeth is recommended for curly or thick hair. Prefer narrower teeth for thin hair.

At MC Davidian, we have all styles of combs, and in particular the metal Rock'n Roll comb which is perfectly suited for very fine hair. It was indeed specially invented for Japanese women!

To style well daily and ensure hair care

The comb is a real essential for cutting, especially on wet hair. But this object also promotes hair health. The teeth help to remove knots, and detangle your hair, distribute sebum, and also deeply aerate the hair. They stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and take care of the hair.

To beautify the hairstyle

Hairdressers use this tool to apply hair dye. However, it is the decorative hair accessories that currently interest us. Appearing thousands of years ago, they are capable of changing hairstyles while adding a touch of femininity. Brides often need combs with fairly long teeth to hold a bun, for example.

These hairstyling jewels have many variations to adapt to different special occasions. Whether it's an evening hairstyle, wedding hairstyle or a simple daily setting, their effects on hair are remarkable. You can resort to this small accessory to attach a lock of hair that bothers your eyes or bring a more sophisticated note to your haircut.

A very practical hairstyling tool

Light and comfortable, decorative combs are suitable for different cuts and can hold all types of hair. Their more or less curved shape is designed to adapt to the contour of the skull.

Who doesn't know the success of this small accessory for adding a glamorous touch to buns for an evening, or for creating classic French pleats?

Small combs allow you to accessorize your hairstyle discreetly on a daily basis. Say goodbye to clips or elastics, which risk damaging your beautiful hair.

How to wear this hair ornament?

This small hair accessory can be pretty, but Marie-Christine Davidian has embellished it to its pinnacle! Over 100 different styles of combs are available on our website. But one might certainly wonder how to use it and make it hold our hairstyle.

Although these practical accessories are making their big comeback, many people can't use them correctly. Others don't even know how to choose the combs that match their hair type.

Once you've chosen the right comb, all you have to do is follow the advice and gestures below. This will help you make sure the tool holds perfectly all day.

Using the comb for a ponytail

Nothing could be simpler!

  1. Start by holding the accessory upside down, orienting the curve upwards.
  2. Then take the strands to be stuck in the teeth of the comb while pushing forward.
  3. Perform a twisting motion by turning the strands of hair on themselves. Be careful that no strand exceeds the material.
  4. Finally, re-stick the claws of the tool in the other direction, against the scalp, to make sure they hold well.

Using a metal comb on the side

In addition to being comfortable to handle, these metal hair combs allow for an easy yet elegant hairstyle. The 8 cm model is one of the most standard (we call them GM combs). But fine or shorter hair requires a 6 cm side comb (these are the PM combs).

  1. Take the strands on the chosen side with one hand, then pull them back. You need to hold them well while the other hand prepares to place the ornament.
  2. To do this, hold the comb upside down with the teeth pointing upwards.
  3. Push the comb in to trap the strands. For smoother hair, it is better to apply some hairspray.
  4. You simply need to repeat the same movements in case you are using another comb for the other side.

Using a handmade comb with celluloid teeth

Classic combs are different from Rock n' Roll metal combs; the teeth are made of celluloid. The task may seem more difficult to accomplish. However, this model provides a good grip. It is suitable for creating many different hairstyles for all occasions! Regardless of the types of hair (thick or thin; wavy, curly, frizzy, or straight). Celluloid combs particularly adapt well to the shape of the skull and are very comfortable.

The basic process remains the same for maneuvering your acetate hair ornament. But this comb is much more suitable for thick hair to gather the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck or twisted upwards. Remember to hide all the tips before fixing them with your comb. For the rest, you will always need to proceed as before, holding the accessory upside down, pushing it into the hair, and turning it (see the small videos above).

What is the best comb for hair?

Different materials can be used to make this accessory. We can distinguish combs made of acetate (celluloid), metal, or injected plastic. The acetate model is the most popular for its great affinity with the scalp as it is hypoallergenic and antistatic. It is also gentler than a metal comb and does not risk pulling the hair. The metal comb is particularly suitable for very fine hair.

For your choice, you should also consider the volume and nature of your hair. Wide-toothed combs are especially suitable for curly or frizzy hair to create beautiful waves or thicker hairstyles.

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