Banana clips are a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and they're also versatile enough to style all kinds of different looks. Check out these tips for how to wear a banana clip in your hair.

The conventional banana fastener is all things considered a remnant of the past, however it has made a new rebound. It was generally expected worn during the 80s in Starlite motion pictures 😎, by models in plugs and fashionistas of the time. It made their hair look longer, more full and thicker, regardless of whether that wasn't their objective.

Banana haircuts are formally back in style. Here is a useful manual for assist you with getting to know these hair apparatuses from another age. 🔥

What is a banana hairclip?

A banana pin is a hair extra with two brush like sides that meet up to get your hair set up. Banana barrettes are ordinarily somewhere in the range of 4 and 6 inches (10 and 15cm) long 📏 and are bended internal to help the bend of the rear of the head and help make a famous ponytail haircut. Be that as it may, the present assortment of banana cuts considers a lot more style varieties.

The banana cut is a long, constant piece with brush like teeth that you can use to get as much hair as you need. The best part is that it has no pivots or metal that could harm your hair.

How to tie your banana clip to your hair?

It's easy to utilize a conventional fanny pack or one of the advanced other options😊. Regardless of whether you need to make a pig tail with a fanny pack or a high and low hairdo, you want to watch this YouTube video or follow these straightforward advances :

  • Brush all your hair at the rear of your head into a free braid.
  • Place the open clasp under the braid, with the spring at the base.
  • Close the teeth around the foundation of the braid.
  • Bend the clasp at the top to get it.
  • Change hair until you are content with the look.

Advantages of Banana Hair Clip

The banana cut enjoys a few benefits for the appearance and wellbeing of our hair. Because of its various teeth that better appropriate the strain on the hair, it keeps away from the arrangement of unattractive knocks that occasionally show up in our hairdos and is more aware of twists. Once set up, it likewise makes the hair look longer than when it is attached with a scrunchie. 🌺

How to wear the banana clip with SHORT HAIR

For short or better hair, it's ideal to go with a more modest banana cut, similar to these banana clips from our little size banana clip collection. For fine hair, you'll require a clasp with teeth that are near one another so they can grasp hair immovably and hold it back from getting awkward over the course of the day.

For short haircuts, banana barrettes are great for mid-length hairdos, for example, the smaller than normal banana clasp, while medium length hair can make a full braid. 👍

How to wear the banana clip with LONG HAIR

For a really long time or thick hair, decide on a more drawn out banana cut that can hold more hair, similar to these banana clips from our large size banana clip collection. Cuts with more space between the prongs turn out best for thick or wavy hair, as they permit more hair to enter the clasp on the double. The sparkling banana barrette is a genuine model.

Whether you're looking for a way to add some flair to your everyday style or want to try out a new trend, wearing a banana clip in your hair is a fun and easy way to do it. With so many different styles and colors available, there's sure to be one that matches your personality. So go ahead and give it a try – we promise you'll love it!

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