Payment by PayPal

Secure payment by PayPal is a popular payment method on the Internet. PayPal has been adopted by leading merchant’s online sites, proof of its reliability. The simplicity of the proposed service will allow you to complete your purchase without fear.
You simply open a PayPal customer account and register your details there. When your account is valid for each of your payments on the Internet you do not enter your email and password. In fact, PayPal allows you to encrypt your data and do not need to register your bank details to each order.
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Payment by check

Check usable only in a French bank. The check should be made payable to SARL MC DAVIDIAN. The beginnings of the calculations of the delivery will be taken into account from the date of receipt of the check. The check must be sent to the following address: 84 - Track Denis Papin - ZAC Cerceron - 83700 Saint-Raphaël - France. The back check must have the order number sent to the Customer's e-mail written by hand by the customer or third party. Failing to write this number, the customer can see it’s not confirmed order and even be canceled. If the order comes to be canceled, your check will be returned.

Payment by bank transfer

The account details are offered in your order. The order will be considered upon receipt of the receipt of the transfer.

Payment by credit card

Payment is fully secure through the online payment system of our banking partner, LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais. Your banking data circulating on the Internet network in encrypted form, that is to say, they are coded to make them completely unreadable. Moreover, they are only processed by the bank and will not be in our possession. Indeed, when you type your credit card number to make purchases on our site that is in reality LCL you send them.

The authentication payment system 3D Secure, developed by VISA and MasterCard in applications Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code provides optimum security when shopping online.
After entering the information of your credit card, your bank verifies the identity of the card holder before making a commit to the transaction.

How it works?

The authentication process depends on your bank.
After completing the usual information on the use of your card (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, three digit security code) you are transferred to your bank's site.
An additional input then you requested. This is according to the bank where you are, such as:

- Date of birth
- A code received via SMS or phone
- A code to find in a grid provided by your bank
- Personal information agreed between you and your bank

This information exchange is secure and ensures the identity of the card user. Do not hesitate to contact your bank for any questions regarding obtaining the 3D Secure code.
Warning: After 3 authentication failures, your transaction will be canceled; and after 3 canceled bank transactions, your card will be liquidated. Do not hesitate to contact your bank.
More information on LCL 3D Secure:


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