"My name is Jessica, and I am a content creator based in a small town in California called Inverness. I first discovered MC Davidian hair accessories a few years ago on my first trip to Copenhagen. While strolling around in the city, I would come across stylish women of all ages wearing whimsical and sparkly hair clips every so often. It was only when I recognized them on display in the window of a high-end boutique called Lot #29 that I learned about Marie-Christine and her incredible craftsmanship and unique designs. I slowly collected a hair clip on every trip and now have a small and beloved collection to call my own.

Last year, I created a niche internet show called SINGLE GIRL DINNER and created a signature look for my online character by wearing a fluffy chenille bathrobe and a hair clip. It really resonated with my audience. My three favorite are of a giant tortoise, two teddy bears and her iconic "Love" clip. There is something so special about Marie-Christine's designs that remind us to embrace tiny touches of glamour and humor in our lives!"

My Instagram: @singlegirldinner

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