What could be more ideal than having a head jewelry that is both easy to put on and gives a chic note to your hair? With the French barrette from the classic collection, enhance your hairstyle with an elegant ponytail, whatever your hair type and length in no time. With its classy rectangular design and its gold or silver plated frame, it will be the perfect ally to complete a casual outfit at the forefront of the trend. This barrette is available in 30 different colors, ranging from warm shades for a lively touch to cold colors for a more discreet style. And with this large version with a dimension of 9.5 cm x 4 cm, you will be sure that this bar will not go unnoticed and sublimate your ponytail. Note that all of our models have been carefully designed by Marie-Christine Davidian. This great fashion designer is well known

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An accessory hand crafted

There is nothing better than wearing an item delicately shaped by a professional and passionate craftsman to have a most authentic hairstyle, while remaining in simplicity. This is why we want to make our head ornaments by hand, as in the case of this French barrette from the classic range, designed to offer beautiful ponytails for all hair types and all lengths. All its manufacturing process was carried out manually: cutting, bending, assembly with the frame, dyeing and even to the finish. Besides, this accessory has a handmade label and of course, it is made in France. You will even notice that each item in the same category is never completely identical, which once again highlights its authenticity.

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Quality meets you

As with any craft work carried out with passion and know-how, you will have no concern for the quality of the materials and the solidity of its assembly. All of our barrettes are made in particular with celluloid. Specifically, it is cotton acetate, a component that does not contain any petroleum-based substances. Our products are therefore non-allergenic and pose no risk to individuals prone to allergies. This material also has the advantage of adapting to the morphology of the skull, and you will not feel any discomfort while wearing it, to take full advantage of your ponytail, throughout the day and evening. In fact, celluloid is often used to design luxury head jewelry. As for its frame, it is also made in France and is available in two finishes: silver plated for French barrettes with cold shades and a gold coating for warm colors. Strong and easy to fix, it is suitable for any volume of hair. Even if you have particularly large hair, the attachments of this classic French barrette will be enough to hold your ponytail. Without forgetting that this frame is fixed and removed automatically. In addition, wherever you are, we deliver our items worldwide.

So, are you tempted to adopt this high-end hair accessory to display the most beautiful ponytail, whatever your hair quantity and hair type? ;)

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