Looking to add a little extra shine to your blonde hair? Check out these 8 fun hair accessory colors that are perfect for blondes! From playful headbands to dazzling rhinestone clips, there's something for every style and personality.

So go ahead and give your blonde hair a boost with these fun and trendy accessories!

At MC Davidian, we offer our hair accessory collection with a palette of over 300 different colors, which is certainly the largest selection available on the globe and we are very proud of it!

Due to the large number of questions we receive about how to enhance your hair, we have decided to create a few guides to help you choose the color of your combs, hair clips and hair bows.

If I'm a blonde, which colors are right for me when it comes to accessories? It's time to reveal the secrets that will make your hair stand out. To be trendy and provoke compliments in summer and winter seasons, Marie-Christine calls upon her fashion know-how that she has been following for more than 50 years and shares her advice with you.

In this article, we will look together in detail at the different color choices we think are most appropriate to match blondes with their bun or ponytail. After reading these lines, you will know exactly the colorimetry to adopt and the fashion codes when you are a blonde.

Let's start without further ado!

Eggplant and purple tones

Of a certain elegance, the eggplant color and its variations are perfectly suited to blondes and to bright and satiny hair. Eggplant and purple colors go particularly well with light and radiant elements. Perfect for highlighting your blonde locks and adding a touch of whimsy to your hair style! To finish with eggplant shades, know that they are not used much. 💜

If you decide to splurge on something in this color, you'll be sure to have a unique, refined and warm style. It's a niche to be had so dare to go for the eggplant look for a romantic evening or a chic and shocking brunch and give the world a bright bun or ponytail by combining your shimmering blonde and eggplant or even purple colors. For your information, eggplant is a dark purple color (tending towards burgundy). We offer half a dozen variations such as classic eggplant, light eggplant or raw purple.

Classic Tortoiseshell Patterns

A classic among classics, the tortoiseshell pattern is a perfect match for golden hair. 💛 Of course, we're talking about acetate tortoiseshell patterns here! We don't sell any animal-based accessories within our house. The tortoiseshell pattern is certainly one of the first colors invented in celluloid material and represents a true fashion institution figure.

Without a doubt the most conventional choice for blondes but still very effective! We offer many variations such as the classic tortoiseshell, the luxury tortoiseshell, the striped tortoiseshell and many others. Note that Marie-Christine Davidian recommends the nougat scale and the gold scale for brunettes rather than for blondes. We will talk about this in a future article specialized for blondes.

Light blues

MC Davidian is a company from the French Riviera and the sky blue and azure blue represents our region perfectly! 🌊 What could be better than this soft shade for the blondie. Light blue is well known for matching easily with light blonde or very light hairstyles. Even better for blondes with blue eyes and fair skin, Marie-Christine Davidian has more than a dozen shades of light blue at your disposal, such as baby blue, sky blue, celestial, pearly and especially turquoise.

Match your ponytail with the Mediterranean air and sky of Provence in the south of France. It's definitely the most reliable choice to accompany summer outings, to the beach or for brunch in Cannes or Saint-Tropez! Our classic turquoise dolphin barrette is truly one of our best sellers. Don't forget also our sea collection with starfish, shells, corals, seahorses. This collection is particularly appreciated in Denmark and Japan. They are particularly fond of the elastic starfish and shell. Pure fantasy in perspective.

The dark blues

We go from the sea to the deep ocean with the dark blues like the flower blue but also, obviously, the very cult navy blue. 💙 As for the light blues, it will suit all blondes but it will be more appropriate for blondes with very dark blue or metallic blue eyes. Often compared to black for its chic trend, navy blue is often used by top fashion designers for the most prestigious catwalks. Like the light blues, it is a safe bet for blondes because it goes naturally with almost everything. You can wear a wick comb or a bun clip with white, fuchsia, yellow or parma, red or grey clothes. Try this Baby Belly Hair Clip for example.

It's a color with character that will suit a chic trend to a casual style. Easy to pair with jeans or sailors, it's a classic that needs no introduction. At MC Davidian, most of our hair accessories are available in navy blue. Of course, the sea collection, but also hairbrushes, pins, combs, classic and metal clips and headbands. You are spoiled for choice! For Marie-Christine Davidian, navy blue is as important as black. So if you're blonde, wear navy blue hair accessories to highlight your golden highlights.

The color black

Often defined as the darkest color there is, black offers a strong contrast for blondes. Featured in Vogue magazine in October 1926 by Coco Chanel with the little black dress, this color has crossed the 21st century thanks to designers like Lagerfeld, Dior, Mugler and many others. Today, black represents modesty but also elegance, chic and luxury. As for our blondes and their hair accessories, black will bring a contrast to highlight their hair. A simple scrunchie or a simple comb can be enough! 🖤

Black is popular for blondes, but be careful if you have very light skin because the contrast may look a bit forced! Don't hesitate to choose another softer color like light blue or light pink or go tanning on our beaches of the French Riviera to darken your complexion! As for the choice of black accessories, you'll have no problem finding them on our site since absolutely all our references exist in black (except for a few rare exceptions). So treat yourself and browse our store for the perfect black hair ornament, like this black crocodile clip.

The Panther pattern

The leopard pattern is a great classic of prints and the association blonde and panther, it is almost as old as the world! 🐆 It is one of the most complicated patterns because it can quickly make cheap or even vulgar. Yet the panther pattern has a lot of potential. There are many variations of the panther print. At MC Davidian, we have the classic panther, silver, matte, speckled and gold. Did you know that there are so many? Well actually there are more! Follow the news to find out about other variations of the panther pattern.

The typical leopard pattern is a mottled black and tan on a light or dark beige background. Variations like silver panther or speckled panther offer a more casual feel. The matte panther gives a stronger character style. Either way, the panther pattern is a classic and we love using it on our hair clips, picks, pins and barrettes. If you're a blonde, you can opt for a simple panther accessory without the crystal stones. It will be a perfect accessory for a morning ritual or for everyday life, at work, at the gym or at the afterwork.

The clear pinks

Let's move on to the girly-girly side! If there's one color that blondes love, it's pink. Prefer light pink shades rather than dark or candy pink which will be more appropriate for brunettes. 🌺

Blondes with pink hair accessories are always cute! This color is perfect for an everyday outfit, whether you're dressed up or casual.

Try pairing it with a sleek ponytail and gold hoop earrings to add just the right amount of shine. You can also use one of our pink clips with rhinestones like this pink multi-heart clip.

They will add sparkle to your style and make you stand out from the crowd. We have a variety of light pink hair accessories for you to choose from, so find the perfect one for your look today! 💖🌸

Military Camouflage

Military camouflage color is a great way to make your blonde hair stand out. A shade of military green, looks good on all hair types and adds an air of mystery.

An accessory with a blue camouflage pattern pairs well with blondes as it reminds you of summer days spent at the beach or lake. Pair a light blue accessory with neutral colors for a subdued look, or go bold by pairing your blue hair accessory with red lipstick to make it pop!

A pink camouflage pattern is the perfect way to add a feminine touch to your style. Choose a light pink for a soft, sweet look, or go with a bright pink for a more playful vibe. Paired with complementary colors like black, navy or brown, this fun accessory can take your style in any direction you want!

A green camouflage pattern is a great way to bring originality to your look. Choose a dark green for a mysterious and sexy vibe, or opt for a light olive green for a more natural look.

What color hair accessory should I choose for a blonde?

There are so many hair accessories out there that it can be hard to know where to start. Lucky for you, we've just compiled a list of the best colors and styles that work for blondes👱♀

We hope this article helped you find your next perfect accessory or just gave you some inspiration on what color would look good with your favorite outfit.

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