96030bis_1 MC Davidian Tige Boule Injected Bar Pluie de Strass

    Tige Boule Injected Bar Pluie de Strass

    MC Davidian
    • Beige
    • Brown
    • Light pink
    • Navy blue
    • Pink
    • Tortoise


    A hairball stem Very small-sized

    Ball rods are miniature metal pins that can be made of canevable metal they are particularly suitable for making several strands within the same hairstyle. The metal used and of high quality and does not deform or fade for continuous use. The ball rods are suitable for all situations; at home or for an appointment. Not only for everyday use, such as parties, meetings, weddings and so on, but also for hair design or as a gift.

    This accessory is part of our range of the smallest accessories available. Robust accessories but as light as a feather. For children or those who choose a minimalist style. Or to combine with other accessories small decorative hair accessories. Real treats for your hair! We offer an even smaller range for those who want mini accessories

    decorated with european crystals

    The item has a refined decoration in rain of rhinestones, an airy shine within your hairstyle. This decoration is made entirely of luxurious crystals components hand-set.

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    Tige Boule Injected Bar Pluie de Strass
    Very small-sized
    Design: feminine with luxury rhinestones
    Manufacturing: in France
    6 choice of colours (classic)

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