Long Jaw Hair Clip

Long Jaw Hair Clip

MC Davidian
Golden metal hair clip, handmade in France, length: 13.0cm
  • Alba
  • Amber scale
  • Banana
  • Black
  • Black and white onyx
  • Black crocodile
  • Black horn
  • Black marble
  • Black spangle
  • Blue marble
  • Fur
  • Gold net
  • Gold palm
  • Gold scale
  • Gold snake
  • Gold spangle
  • Jeans
  • Light jeans
  • Luxury scale
  • Mother-of-pearl
  • Orange linen
  • Panther
  • Pink linen
  • Striped scale
  • Tortoise
  • Veil
  • Wood

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Long Jaw Hair Clip by Mcdavidian is synonymous with casual chic and is a must-have.

Thanks to the use of an exclusive material, the clip has a two-tone effect. A timeless hair accessory that can be worn at a meeting or in your free time.

You can choose from 28 different models ! Don't let our large selection impress you.

It's a quick and easy style solution that will complement a variety of looks. A chic choice for any occasion, this exquisite French hair clip will add an elegant element to your ensemble.

Handmade Metal Hair Clip Banane Simple
Very large-sized
Design: minimalist without luxury rhinestones
Manufacturing: in France
Material: cotton acetate or celluloid, gold-plated or nickel-plated metal
Dimension (cm)
Dimensions (cm): 13cm
Weight: 30g
28 choice of colours (classic, fun, painted decor)
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