95503_1 MC Davidian Banana Hair Clip Brillant PM

    Banana Hair Clip Brillant PM

    MC Davidian
    Banana, handmade in France, length: 9.0cm
    • Alba
    • Black
    • Black lace on beige
    • Black lace on light green
    • Black lace on orange
    • Black lace on pink
    • Blue sky lace on jeans
    • Brown lace on beige
    • Eggplant lace on pink
    • Grey wood
    • Lasco
    • Marble wood
    • Red lace on black
    • Tortoise
    • Veil
    • White
    • White lace on light grey

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    The Banana hair clip brillant is the best fundamental accessory.

    Made in France from resilient cellulose acetate and some rhinestones, the clip is an unique choice to standard braid holders or hairpins and also is an exceptional option for styling a variety of hair types. This versatile clip is an easy remedy for a fashionable, no-fuss look.

    It's a hair accessory that was in vogue in the 1980s, almost as long as the neon scrunchie. The banana clip is the precursor for the next years, even more prominent spike clips as well as butterfly clips, and also is extensively used to pull hair (including bangs) into braids, loose buns and even reduced turned buns.

    Metal Banana Hair Clip Model B Pluie de Strass
    Design: feminine with luxury rhinestones
    Dimension (cm)
    Dimensions (cm): 9cm
    Manufacturing: in France
    Material: cotton acetate or celluloid, gold-plated or nickel-plated metal
    Weight: 10g
    18 choice of colours (classic, painted decor, lace decoration)
    Number of rhinestones
    The number of rhinestones (approximate) is: 30 strass pp24, 20 strass pp18

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