96164bis_1 MC Davidian LOVE Hair Clip PM
    96164bis_1 MC Davidian LOVE Hair Clip PM
    96164bis_1 MC Davidian LOVE Hair Clip PM
    96164bis_1 MC Davidian LOVE Hair Clip PM

    LOVE Hair Clip PM

    MC Davidian
    Hair clip, made in France, length: 5.5cm
    • Beige
    • Brown
    • Eggplant
    • Emerald green
    • Fuchsia
    • Light beige
    • Light pink
    • Navy blue
    • Orange
    • Powder
    • Turquoise

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    Whether you have long or short hair, this handmade hair clip will add a touch of originality and "Love" to your hairstyle.

    With hair up, a bun or a wick on the side, the handmade Love medium-sized hair clip is the essential accessory. It is a medium sized hair clip that will allow you to create original hairstyles in two-step three movements.

    Make your hairstyle in style

    Completely handmade in our workshop in France, this Love clamp is adorned with Swarovski colored rhinestones laid by hand one by one hot. Small crystals that will add shine to your hair.

    Made from acetate, the Love hair clip is very durable.

    The spring inside is also very robust, ensuring that your hair is perfectly maintained throughout the day.

    The practical and suitable for all situations

    Far from being a simple hair accessory, this handmade Love clip will add the finishing touch to your hairstyle. Whether it's for a special occasion or for everyday life, The Love hair clip will enhance your style with a certain singularity and a glamorous note.

    A timeless tong, available in several variations

    It comes in 9 different colours and 2 styles. There's something for every taste and desire. It's enough to match your Love hair clip with each outfit.

    Hair Clip Openwork Love Light
    Design: feminine with luxury rhinestones
    Dimension (cm)
    Dimensions (cm): 5.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm
    Manufacturing: in France
    Material: cotton acetate or celluloid
    Weight: 97g
    17 choice of colours (classic)

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