MC Davidian is proud to offer more than 300 different hair accessories, making it one of the brands with the largest selection in the world!

For your convenience, we created a few guides to help you choose the comb, hair clip and bobby pin colors that will suit your hair the best.

Which accessories’ colors look best on you if you’re blonde? It's time to reveal our best kept secrets to make you stand out of the crowd! Marie-Christine has been following fashion trends for more than 50 years and has some tips for you to look stylish through the summer and winter seasons.

In this article, we will find out which colors look best on blondes wearing a bun or ponytail. You will have a better understanding of the appropriate color scheme and fashion codes to adopt when you are a blonde 👱.

Let's get started!

Eggplant and Purple Shades

The elegant eggplant color and its variations are perfect for blondes with bright, silky hair. Eggplant and purple colors pair particularly well with light and radiant elements. These colors are perfect to highlight your blonde locks and add some originality to your hair style! You should also know that they are rarely used so play around with them to stand out.

If you choose a product of this color, we guarantee you will have a unique, refined and warm style. There's a niche to be filled, so go for the eggplant look on a romantic evening or a chic brunch. Treat the world to a stunning bun or ponytail by adorning your shiny blonde hair with eggplant or even violet colors. For your reference, eggplant is a dark purple color that leans towards burgundy. We offer half a dozen variations of this color such as classic eggplant, light eggplant or raw purple. For example, take a look at the blogger Emilie Sindlev, who collaborated with the Lot #29 store, wearing the Purple Metal Rock'n Roll Full Feathers Comb.

Classic Tortoiseshell Patterns

A classic, the tortoiseshell pattern looks fantastic on golden hair. Obviously, we're only using tortoiseshell made of acetate! We do not sell animal-based accessories on our website. The tortoiseshell pattern is definitely one of the first colors invented in celluloid material and has been a true fashion statement ever since.

This pattern is undoubtedly a safe choice for blondes, but it's still very effective to enhance your look! We offer many different variations such as the classic tortoiseshell, the luxury tortoiseshell, the striped tortoiseshell and many others. Please note that Marie-Christine Davidian recommends the nougat scale and the gold scale for brunettes. We will talk about this in an upcoming article dedicated to brunettes. Shown below is fashionista Denise Buschkuehle 👜 with her Full Feather Tortoiseshell Hair Clip.

Lighter shades of blue

MC Davidian is located on the French Riviera, so sky blue and azure are colors that perfectly represent our region! What could possibly look better on blondes than these soft shades of blues? Light blue goes well with light or very light blonde hairstyles. Marie-Christine Davidian offers more than a dozen shades of light blue for blondes with light features. These shades include baby blue, sky blue, celestial blue, pearl blue and turquoise blue.

Accessorize your ponytail with some Mediterranean air and Provencal skies of Southern France. This is the most reliable hair accessory for your summer outings, whether you go to the beach 🏖 or to a brunch in Cannes or Saint-Tropez! Our signature piece is the turquoise dolphin hair clip. Definitely one of our best-sellers! Don't forget to take a look at our sea collection featuring starfishes, seashells, corals, and seahorses. This collection is very popular in Denmark and Japan. Fashion lovers in these countries are fond of the elastic starfish and shell. Dive into this fantasy world!

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