Miracle white gas

To clean your acetate accessories, we advise you to use white gas with a brand new anti-static cloth. White gas can be found in any generalist stores or drugstore.

Apply only a few milliliters for cleaning a room. Tasks of grease, glue or lacquer will leave very easily. Take care not to apply too much gasoline because it may take off some part. Know that even if this happens, there is nothing serious. It is very simple to glue objects in acetate and we will make an article on this blog to highlight it.

Especially not use alcohol, acetone, naphtha (white spirit), conventional gasoline or gasoline A, B, C, D, E, G or H or any other petroleum distillate of hydrocarbon, alcohol, ether or ethanol. These products could erode the material and cause irritating and dangerous reactions!

We receive a lot of pieces gnawed away by acetone. It is indeed the worst product to use on acetate items!

Example with a comb

Before the cleaning (trace of glue)

After the cleaning

Explanatory video

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