Hairbands are making a comeback in the fashion world because they are both practical and decorative. First worn in the 1970's by the actress Brigitte Bardot, they make your hair look great while keeping it under control. Sometimes, however, headbands can cause problems. These hair accessories may slide off your head. How can I make my headband stay in place? Here are some tips for finding more comfortable headbands that will stay in place.

How to choose comfortable headbands for women

Headbands are one of the most popular hair accessories nowadays. A must-have in every fashionista's wardrobe, it not only holds your hair in place but also helps to keep it out of your eyes. This item has become very trendy and allows you to accessorize your look.

It is important to find a comfortable headband that does not slip so you don't have to keep pulling it up all the time. To fit this bill, MC Davidian offers different models made of three main materials:


      Acetate, cotton flower (or cotton celluloid)Acetate, cotton flower (or cotton celluloid)


Go for comfy metal hoops

The metallic hoops are specially designed to hold without slipping. Models with rounded edges or fabric headbands are the most comfortable. For an evening or an important event, Marie-Christine Davidian creates beautiful hairstyle accessories, made with sparkling Swarovski crystals (strands of rhinestones set between them). The edges are finished by hand with fabric to make them super comfy. Indeed, she always takes care to make sure the edges of the metal headbands are curved.

Each model is carefully designed to fit the shape of the head perfectly and is not likely to slip during the day. This exquisite item will bring a touch of elegance and glamorous style to your outfits.

How do you wear a comfortable headband that does not slip?

At the moment, the market is full of headbands for women. There is something for every occasion. Since 2012, fashionistas have favored finner metallic models with that fit perfectly on the head. Decorated with rhinestones or crystals, they really create an impression on an evening out. Feathered or extremely colorful headbands, on the other hand, have lost their appeal.

Wider headbands may be more comfortable to wear during the day. They come in many different materials (silk, leather, velvet, etc.), with floral or animal prints (leopard, butterfly, etc.), colors (brown, khaki, gray, black and white, pale pink, fluorescent), etc. Regardless, this fashion accessory is a real gem, giving your hair a sophisticated look and allowing you to wear it in so many different styles.

You can create a college girl style by wearing the headband close to your forehead with long loose hair. You can wear it with your hair tied up: ponytail, bun, braid, etc. This style involves fastening the hair with hairslides, hair clips, a comb, etc. to give a chic, bohemian look. If you have pretty curls, a thin headband can hold them back like a tiara for a more glamorous, romantic touch.

How do you wear a natural cotton flower headband?

Acetate is a popular material when it comes to hair accessories. It comes from organic cotton and is plastic-free, hence its practical and non-allergic characteristics. Made with rounded edges, acetate headbands won't cause pain behind the ears or at the temples. They are very comfortable to wear. Plus, there are miniature combs inside the celluloid headbands to keep your hair ultra-smooth.

How do you put on an elastic headband?

An elastic headband is a must-have for a wedding, party or other special events. Various models are available depending on your needs. We recommend choosing a headband that matches your head shape so it does not leave marks or break the hair fiber.

Place the elastic band at the level of the neck. Pull out a few strands on one side for a touch of seduction. You can hold them with flat hair clips. Why not check out a hairstyling tutorial to find out different ways to use an elastic headband?

How do you keep a slippery headband on?

Sometimes, when you have short hair, the hairband or scarf may slip, most likely due to the shape of the head and the hair type. The same is true for very fine long hair. To fix all these little hassles, you can backcomb your hair in strands with to give it more volume. Otherwise, it's best to fasten the headband with ponytails, clips, bobby pins, scrunchies, etc.

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