Indispensable, timeless, MC Davidian hairbrushes are entirely made in France. Inspired by the many facets of women's lives, they display a wide range of colors from the most neutral to the most vivid. Also available dressed in hand painted decors or pyrographed patterns, our hairbrushes offer magnificent possibilities of customization. True luxury jewelry, some models of Marie-Christine Davidian’s hairbrushes are 100% hand set with Swarovski stones. There is a hairbrush for all women and all tastes!

Baby brush, the essential handbag hairbrush

The Baby Brush is the very first hairbrush model created by Marie-Christine Davidian. Historic hit and symbol of the brand, it is available in more than 30 colors, from the simplest to the most fun. Classic trend or rather original? Find the little Baby Detangling Brush for Marie-Christine Davidian Purse that will follow you everywhere!

Small miniature brush, ideal to slip into the bag, it is the accessory that will never leave you! Travel hairbrush, its small size makes it easy to carry and take with you everywhere. On vacation, at the beach, at the office ... it accompanies you wherever you need it.

Its small size also makes it the ideal hairbrush for little girls. Available with its hand-painted designs, the patterns of the Baby brush appeal to all women. Offering unique possibilities for customization, the Baby Pyro hairbrush features hand-engraved designs.

Baby brush size: 14cm x 5.5cm x 3.5cm approximately

Nana brush: the universal hairbrush that enhances the beauty of women

Flaunting curves inspired by a woman’s body, the Nana brush celebrates feminine beauty! With its ultra-feminine look, it stands out, like all MC Davidian hairbrushes, by its artisanal manufacture. Effective for gently detangling hair, this round bristle brush adapts to all hair types.

With the handmade label, the Nana hairbrush is entirely designed and made in France. Available in many patterns and colors, the Nana hairbrush is also available in a hand-engraved version. The Nana Pyro brush thus displays a unique design, reflecting the personality of each woman.

Nana brush dimension: 13.5cm x 6.5cm x 4.5cm approximately

All the comfort of the Galet hairbrush in your bathroom

Find all the quality of MC Davidian hairbrushes at home, at your fingertips! The Galet hairbrush offers generous proportions, perfect for staying available around the house. Placed on your dressing table or in the drawers of your bathroom, the Galet brush combines all the advantages of a handmade hairbrush for everyday use.

Unique accessory, it adapts to the aesthetics of any interior thanks to its wide range of colors and decorations. Perfectly suited to realize all hairstyle ideas, the Galet hairbrush is the perfect gift for all women.

Pebble brush dimension: 22.5cm x 8.5cm x 4cm approximately

The features of MC Davidian hairbrushes

The Baby, Nana and Galet hairbrushes are all designed by Marie-Christine Davidian and entirely made in France. They are made of cotton acetate or celluloid that is to say petroleum and plastic free. Non-allergenic, they all have the handmade label. These manufacturing characteristics make each hairbrush unique. For these same reasons, the brand's hairbrushes are subject to variation from piece to piece.

Manufacturer of universal and timeless hair accessories, Marie-Christine Davidian ensures year-round shipments for its customers around the world.

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