It's the same story every season. As a rule, summer outfits aren't suitable for the cold winter months. When a new season arrives, clothing collections also change.

You will have to revamp your wardrobe. However, it doesn't mean switching to jackets or down jackets and leaving out your little dress. Choosing the right color palette is also important when it comes to fashion trends.

We are constantly reminded that darker shades are preferable in the fall-winter season. So what colors are trending in 2022/2023? Find out how to wear next winter's new collections in this guide.

Choosing the right trendy colors to stay stylish in the winter

Yellow was named 2021's trendy color of the year, of course. Not to mention flashy and purple, which can enhance your summer look. It's quite simple to know which colors to choose. You should respect some rules such as dressing properly according to the occasion, adopting the shades according to your profile, your complexion and your hair.

Comfortable outfits with customizable cuts and sizes are favored for the fall-winter collection. When it comes to color, trends can change very quickly. Thanks to her expertise and talent, Marie-Christine Davidian offers a fashionable color palette for the winter, with different themes.

Rustic style: the revival of rustic and warm amber

The rustic style is timeless and confirms the trends of the winter season. It will definitely make you forget the rainy weather. This is a vibe in tune with women's fashion. Say goodbye to the grey and black palette. Make way for Light Colorado and Topaz 246 to give you a comfortable and warm feeling.

Chic and bright, warm amber brings the warmth you need to brave the cool breeze. Its fashionable winter color palette is mostly made up of natural, authentic and delicate shades. It ranges from light amber to dark brown (Smoked Amber 1001) to brighten your life with a golden glow.

Smoked Amber 1001

Pants, loafers, overalls, bags, boots, coats... brown is one of the trendy colors for the winter. It will definitely make a triumphant return this winter. If you want a more sophisticated look, play around with prints. Floral patterns will give you a glamorous and romantic look.

Don't hesitate to match your pieces with accessories in nude, garish or similar shades. Indeed, this dark shade harmonizes perfectly with brighter colors. Its reflection with green, pale yellow, or even blue is very trendy.

Silk 391

It's time to think about what to wear when the cold weather arrives. The most beautiful pastel colored pieces will brighten up our winter season and embellish your look.

Using natural colors reflects a strong desire to live in a raw, yet healthy world. This year, go for pearl pink or pale pink. This shade is popular with everything, from coats and high-waisted pants to sweaters and printed shirts. Create a chic effect in an intimate setting.

Light Colorado - Topaz 246

The Light Colorado brown look is also very fashionable for the fall winter 2022. Nothing could be more charming than a long plaid skirt in a mix of amber colors to match a dark brown top.

This color cameo used to be considered sad and monotonous, but it's back on the catwalk. Its softness and nature-inspired authenticity make for a pleasant and elegant look despite the cold. You can top it off with a pair of colorful heels.

Erinite 360 (vert)

The green look is a must-have as the cold winter approaches. This vital color will brighten up the day and cheer up the mood. There's something for every green, but Erinite's softness will remind you of nature and summer picnics on the grass.

The warmth and radiance of amber hues create a dazzling display that will make you forget the overcast skies and lack of sunshine. Not only that, they''ll brighten up your outfit and accessories.

New York Contemporary: Removable Autumn Leaves and the Art of Individuality

It's hard to resist luxurious shades to create stylish looks that reflect your personality once the temperature drops. Pink, fuchsia, purple... brighten up your silhouette by exploring your artistic temperament and playing with patterns, styles and fashionable colors for winter.

There are many fashionable variations to choose from. You will definitely be able to find the tone that suits your desire or your mood.

Dare to use playful and flamboyant shades such as fuchsia pink 502, mauve, purple 371 or plum to warm up the atmosphere under a sulking sky. You can add more pizzazz by wearing a purple blouse with yellow pants and a simple but colorful hair clip.

Light Rose 223

Light pink is usually associated with the summer collection, but it is also perfect for the mid-season and adds a warm glow during the cold season. It guarantees a good look every day. If you want to create a brighter look, you should pair it with a pretty blouse in this shade and a beige bottom.

Fuchsia 502

This is one of the trendiest colors, bringing light to the dark winter days. You can use fuchsia on your outfit's centerpiece.

This shade will definitely delight shopping enthusiasts. It symbolizes good humor, energy and optimism, and prevents women from being overwhelmed by the gloomy atmosphere.

Fuchsia 502 has the advantage of perfectly harmonizing with neutral tones and a total pink look: sweater, shirt and skirt. We also love fuchsia lingerie under a blue jean jacket.

The upcoming cool season is all about the return of colorful looks, so fuchsia pink is in the spotlight to revive the vintage glamour look. It guarantees a chic and elegant look.

Crystal Royal Blue - Delite 001 L110D

Do you like to reminisce about the beautiful blue summer sky? The blue range suggests calm and peace. This shade is perfect to lower your heart rate and breathing.

Navy blue, royal blue or azure blue are very trendy in everyday life. Go for an oversized Crystal Royal Blue sweatshirt, leggings, a fanny pack and a pair of sneakers for your winter hiking looks.

Violet 371

Purple is a luxurious, elegant and refined color that will dominate the 2022-23 winter season. It is often linked to creativity and is the most emotional color in the color wheel. You just have to play with the right combination of colors to create a wild bohemian look.

Oriental style: Taj Mahal and the beauty of ornamentation

Embrace the luxury and beauty of ornamentation this winter by exploring the "Oriental Style". This style is characterized by an abundance of shades, details, gold and light. It looks like something out of an Arabian Night.

Get ready to sparkle like a queen with an elegant, colorful satin dress and your sparkling handmade headband. Using a range of primary colors, such as coral red, emerald green and mustard yellow, will soften the cool season. In fact, these colors provide a softer glow.

Ruby 501

Red is a timeless color that has always been a staple in women's wardrobes. It will also be a key fashion trend for the Fall/Winter 2022-2023 season. This strong shade symbolizes passion, courage, strength and character.

Emerald 205

Emerald green is a symbol of peace and eternal life. This elegant color will enhance your outfits in the mild weather.

Crystal Metallic - Sunshine 001 METSH

Bright and warm, mustard yellow is also a great color to brighten up your wardrobe. It's a great color to wear with pantsuits or fashion accessories. Furthermore, this is a flagship color of the Gen Zs. It combines perfectly with nude.

Revisiting vintage glamour, the disco of seduction

Choose the right colors before putting on the perfect coat to stay in style despite the season. All gray or all black is no longer in style. Put on a colorful crystal knit to dress up in a disco, seductive and vintage glamour style.

Crystal Light Chrome 001 LTCH

Chrystal Light Chrome is halfway between brown and gray, and is one of the chic and romantic colors for a glamorous look. Neutral tones will easily blend with other colors to create a beautiful look.

Crystal Vitrail Medium 001 VM

Crystal stained glass in the aurora borealis tone is a great and fashionable ally. It evokes energy and hope, and is the perfect way to brighten up your winter outfits.

Light Amethyst 212s

No need to wear sober and dull outfits. Add some fun to your wardrobe. Light Amethyst, or light purple, can do just that. This shade is one of the major trends of the fall winter, either in a colorful look or through fashion accessories. It conveys softness and authenticity, while maintaining a cocooning mood as the days begin to cool down.

If you want to optimize your outfits and embellish your style, Marie-Christine Davidian offers a palette of fashionable accessories in different colors for the winter. The choice is yours according to your taste.

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