There's no age limit to looking good in a ponytail. Even little girls are allowed to choose this hairstyle, which is very popular with sportswomen. Both classic and comfortable, the ponytail style is perfect for anyone with long hair. It allows the hair to be tied up, while highlighting the face.

But the ponytail is flashier and more fun for kids to wear by using hair accessories. Elastic, barrette, scrunchie, straightener, pin, bonnet, headband, bandana, clips and more. The choice is truly immense for styling and embellishing hair to suit every occasion. This article sums up the top 7 ponytail hair accessories for kids.

Why choose ponytail fashion for children?

 The ponytail is one of the most practical and comfortable hairstyles to be worn for any occasion. It's perfect for little girls, summer or winter, except those with short hair.

The locks are held in place, so your children can go about their business in comfort. As they walk, these little coquettes are sure to love swinging their tails left and right.

It's the ideal hair style for disciplining unruly fleeces or staying chic at parties. It's even available in many variations, from the classic wise-girl style to the Indian braid or wick style.

Girls also love quilts. Whatever the case, you can add a touch of chic with a hair accessory.

What hairdressing accessories are available?

Chouchous, Scrunchies, barrettes, alligator clips, pins, elastics, scarves, headbands, chignon picks, tiaras, as well as brushes and combs... Many accessories are essential to children's hair routines. They're essential for creating pretty hairstyles, whether simple or sophisticated.

Basic hair accessories, such as a brush or a tooth comb, are used for everyday styling, especially for detangling. The spiked model is effective for smoothing hair while gently massaging the scalp.

For special occasions, girls love to transform themselves into beautiful princesses. These hairstyling accessories help to embellish their hair look. For example, a barrette adorned with small flowers is a great ally for disciplining rebellious locks with a retro effect. An elastic band with colorful bows or flashy hues plunges you into the world of fantasy.

If your little girl loves the bohemian look, choose accessories with floral motifs. She may also appreciate rhinestone or gemstone models for the holidays. But most little girls love head jewelry featuring animals: butterflies, unicorns, cats, dogs and so on.

The 7 top hair accessories for kids in ponytail style

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hair accessories for kids. In true baby ponytail fashion, here are a few references to give you an idea.

Little Cat Shiny Barrette PM

This is a miniature clip-on hairpin, adorned with a little cat motif. Handcrafted from high-quality acetate, it's guaranteed to last and last. It can be used to hold back stray strands in everyday life, at weddings or other important events.

For women and little girls alike, ball stems are an indispensable accessory, with no risk of damaging their ponytails. Small crystals cut in Europe dress them up to create magnificent costume jewelry.

Teddy Bear Elastic PM

Lightweight, soft and comfortable, these elastics are made of woven bands. They are handmade from non-allergenic cotton celluloid using methods handed down from generation to generation. These hair accessories for kids are ideal for braids, ponytails or half buns.

High-quality and elastic, these teddy bear scrunchies hold even thick hair firmly in place. They're ideal for those who want reliable, effective accessories that won't damage the fleece.

Elastic bobble

Looking for an essential accessory that offers comfort when tying your ponytail? Bobble elastic is soft, light, stretchy and comfortable. It's perfect for holding strands without kinks or pain.

You simply slide the scrunchie over your hairstyle to set or pull without any risk of ripping out your strand. What's more, a wide variety of colors are available to match every princess outfit.

Barrette Hair Clip Basset Simple

This is a small (6 cm long), handmade hair clip made of acetate (metal). It is specially designed with an automatic system, called "matic", to attach the tails firmly without damaging them.

PM basset barrettes feature the most advanced locking system on the market. What's more, they're guaranteed non-slip and have the ability to mould perfectly to the skull, providing real comfort on the head.

Frog Jr. Clip PM

It's also a small, standard-sized brooch (6 cm), assembled using the ancestral French automatic "matic" system. Designed entirely by hand, this accessory benefits from a good closing device to securely hold the locks and ponytail.

Baby Brush MM

This little hairbrush makes it easy for your children to style and detangle their hair. With its simple yet elegant styling, it can be used to tidy up their heads and create the hairstyle they want. 

Its main advantage lies in the fact that the tool slips easily into a handbag to be carried everywhere, especially when traveling. 

Handmade Hair Clip Ventrue Simple

These 100% handmade clips are very small, making them light and comfortable. They can be used for all hair types to embellish the comforter.

These fashion accessories are also ideal for holding back flyaways. Made from non-allergenic acetate or cotton celluloid, they guarantee quality and comfort for girls.

What's more, the adornment stands the test of time. They can be worn for every occasion: birthdays, ceremonies, weddings...

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